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High grade dark purple amethyst geodes from Uruguay
6 to 20 pound amethyst geodes, some with cut bases and/or polished faces

Large Amethyst Geode Sphere

amethyst geode sphere
Large 6 inch in diameter amethyst geode sphere has 1 inch crystals in clustered groupings. The amethyst crystals are medium purple color with darker zoned bands. The bottom of the sphere is agate. An amethyst geode sphere of this size and quality is a rare find.
Item Number: amgdsp59
Price: $499.00

Amethyst and Blue Agate Geode Sphere

amethyst sgeode sphere
Drusy dark purple amethyst fills the center of the 3 3/4 inch in diameter, banded blue agate sphere from Uruguay. Super high quality decorator display has vibrant blue and purple colors.
Item Number: amgdsp50
Price: $ 234.00

Purple Amethyst Geode in Agate Obelisk

amethyst geode obelisk
Amethyst Obelisk from Uruguay is Agate and amethyst obelisk is 6 by 4 by 4 inch. Blue agate with bulls eye patterns holds medium dark purple amethyst crystals up to 1 inch across. The obelisk has a dark purple halo surrounding the geode opening. Duplicated listing of this item and other decorator amethyst on the Amethyst Gallery
Item Number: amgdob52
Price: $ 244.00

Agate and Purple Amethyst Obelisk

amethyst obelisk
Amethyst and agate obelisk is 6 3/4 inch tall by 2 3/4 inch across. The obelisk has a geode center with 3/4 inch, gemmy purple amethyst crystals.
Item Number: amgdob03
Price: $ 145.00

Polished Amethyst Geode

polished amethyst geode
14 by 8 by 4 inch thick, 16 pound, geode from Uruguay is a 2 inch layer of smoky colored agate filled with 1 inch wide dark purple amethyst crystals of the highest grade. Polished along a wavey top edge; deep purple color bleeds over into the white crystal ring. The amethyst polished geode is a beautiful quartz display that you can never tire of; amethyst accents art such as paintings or sculpture along with a statement of taste and excellence for your home or office.
Item Number: amgdur01
Price: $ 500.00

Dark Purple Amethyst Geode

amethyst geode
8 by 7 by 6 inchs, shapely deep geode is filled with super dark amethyst crystals in the 3/4 inch in diameter range. The 8 pound geode will fit on a large shelf or desk corner area. A formation on the left side has rectangular cavities formed by dissolved crystals,perhaps calcite or anydrite.
Item Number: amgdur07
Price: $ 240.00

Amethyst Egg Geode

amethyst egg geode
Egg shaped geode is halved into two 7 1/2 by 5 3/8 by 3 inch thick portions that contain large and lustrous deep purple colored amethyst crystals. The two halves fit back together into a large egg shape, one side is flat, and can be opened to surprise visitors.10 3/4 pound total weight.
Item Number: amegur08
Price: $ 320.00

Round Amethyst Geode Head

amethyst geode head
Helmet shaped geode head is filled with dark amethyst crystals, 3/4 inch in diameter. The Uruguay amethyst is 10 by 9 by 4 inch thick and weighs 11 7/8 pounds.
Item Number: amgdur09
Price: $ 300.00

Cut Base Amethyst Geode

amethyst geode
Large geode section is flat with curled edges. The interior is lines with large dark purple amethyst crystals of quality seldom seen in the USA. 10 by 9 1/2 by 4 inches deep with a cut base weighs 15 3/4 pounds. Spectacular cut base geode can be the centerpiece of your executive office or home décor.
Item Number: amgdur10
Price: $ 256.00

Cut Base Amethyst Geode Section

amethyst geode
Cut base Uruguay amethyst geode section is 6 1/2 by 5 1/2 by 3 3/4 inch thick, 6 3/8 pound, is filled with lustrous dark purple crystals with a mounded cluster of at the center.
Item Number: amgdur14
Price: $ 128.00

Amethyst Cavern Geode

purple amethyst geode
Large cavernous geode is filled with dark purple amethyst crystals, 1/2 to 3/4 inch. The 23 pound, 10 1/2 by 7 3/8 by 8 inch deep geode from Uruguay has a polished front edge of quartz crystals agate.
Item Number: amgdur18
Price: $ 483.00

Standing Amethyst Geode

amethyst standing geode
10 1/2 inch tall by 9 wide by 5 inch deep has a wavy polished edge that surrounds one inch dark purple amethyst crystals of the highest quality, color, and luster. The 21 pound, standing amethyst with cut base is an exceptional decorator display suitable for an executive office or centerpiece of any room in the house.
Item Number: amgdur19
Price: $ 550.00

Citrine Druse

citrine druse
Yellow citrine crystals with dark orange phantoms are 3/8 wide by 1/2 inch tall. 6 by 2 3/8 by 1 to 1 1/2 inch thick, geode section has a rolling surface with a wave in the middle. Citrine looks great beside amethyst. More citrine and smaller Uruguay amethys on the South American Quartz Page.
Item Number: citrur06
Price: $ 52.00

Amethyst Cut and Polished Prism

amethyst cut prism
Dark India amethyst in a six sided obelisk shape is 4 1/4 inch tall by 1 inch thick. The prism is cut from massive amethyst that has some crystal formations oriented in different directions and naturally healed and bonded quartz that is stable cutting rock and is common for India amethyst. The purple amethyst polished prism is dark, lustrous and has a sparkling surface
Item Number: amwand01
Price: $ 25.00

Amethyst Sphere, India

amethyst sphere
2 11/16 inch in diameter is dark purple amethyst. India amethyst has a sparkling shimmer on the surface.
Item Number: amspin15
Price: $ 48.00


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